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OpenBio Codefest 2011 will take place July 13th and 14th, 2011 in Vienna, Austria; the two days before BOSC 2011. This is a great opportunity for open source bioinformatics developers to meet and work collaboratively. We hope to have developers from projects such as BioPerl, BioJava, Biopython, BioRuby, and EMBOSS in attendance.

This is a follow-up to the extremely successful and fun Codefest 2010 in Boston.


OpenBio projects are typically coordinated remotely, with users from all over the world contributing and organizing themselves through mailing lists and IRC chats. Additionally, contributors work on these projects in their spare time, coordinating improving the projects with their day jobs and life outside of the computer. The objective of the Codefest is to give these talented developers a chance to be fully focused on the projects for a few days, interacting in real time. Previous Hackathons have been immensely successful at producing new high quality code and innovative project developments.

The goals for the two days are determined entirely by developers. We welcome your input. Please add your thoughts to the shared Google document:

and discuss:


We are being kindly hosted by the Metalab Hacker space in Vienna. Check out their daily web log to get a feel for life in the lab, and the Metalab Codefest page.

Metalab has a nice location map. We'll be counting on local residents to help with additional detailed directions.

We'll plan to get started coding at 10am on July 13th and 14th.


You are very welcome to attend. Please add yourself if you are interested to this Google spreadsheet and sign up on the mailing list.