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  • Slides for both days' talks are up on SlideShare under the username "bosc2010". Individual links to each talk are posted on the schedule below. Authors, if you haven't sent me your slides for posting, please do so ASAP. Kdahlquist 20:43, 11 July 2010 (UTC)


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Day 1 Friday July 9: Hynes Convention Center room 207
7:30-9:00AM Registration Pick up badges for BOSC 2010, Hynes Convention Center (early arrival is recommended as there are usually long lines)
9:00-9:15AM Kam Dahlquist [Welcome] Introduction to the O|B|F and Welcome to BOSC 2010
9:15-10:15 Guy Coates [Keynote] Clouds: all fluff and no substance? ***SLIDES***
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:05 Ronald Taylor [Cloud Computing/HT 'omics Data] An overview of the Hadoop/MapReduce/HBase framework and its current applications in bioinformatics ***SLIDES***
11:05-11:25 M. Hanna [Cloud Computing/HT 'omics Data] The Genome Analysis Toolkit: a MapReduce framework for analyzing next-generation DNA sequencing data ***SLIDES***
11:25-11:45 Brian D. O'Connor [Cloud Computing/HT 'omics Data] SeqWare Query Engine: Storing and Searching Sequence Data in the Cloud ***SLIDES***
11:45-12:00PM Judy Qiu [Cloud Computing/HT 'omics Data] Hybrid Cloud and Cluster Computing Paradigms for Life Science Applications ***SLIDES***
12:00-12:15 Ben Langmead [Cloud Computing/HT 'omics Data] Cloud-scale genomics: examples and lessons ***SLIDES***
12:15-12:30 Enis Afgan [Cloud Computing/HT 'omics Data] Deploying Galaxy on the Cloud ***SLIDES***
12:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-2:20 Steffen Möller [Cloud Computing] Community-driven computational biology with Debian and Taverna ***SLIDES***
2:20-2:40 Darin London [Cloud Computing/HT 'omics Data] Dealing with the Data Deluge: What can the Robotics Community Teach us? ***SLIDES***
2:40-3:00 Nyasha Chambwe [HT 'omics Data] The Goby framework: towards efficient next-generation sequencing data analysis ***SLIDES***
3:00-3:15 Dana Robinson [HT 'omics Data] BioHDF: Open binary file formats for NGS data - current status and future directions ***SLIDES***
3:15-3:30 Jens Lichtenberg [HT 'omics Data] Concurrent Bioinformatics Software for Discovering Genome-wide Patterns and Word-based Genomic Signatures ***SLIDES***
3:30-3:38 Chris Hemmerich [HT 'omics Data] Automated Annotation of NGS Transcriptome Data using ISGA and Ergatis ***SLIDES***
3:38-4:00 Coffee Break
4:00-4:20 Mark Wilkinson [Semantic Web] From Moby to SADI - Modeling Semantic Web Services with the Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration Framework ***SLIDES***
4:20-4:35 Aravind Venkatesan [Semantic Web] ONTO-ToolKit: enabling bio-ontology engineering via Galaxy ***SLIDES***
4:35-4:45 Kazuharu Arakawa [Semantic Web] G-language Bookmarklet: a gateway for Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Web Services ***SLIDES***
4:45-4:55 Christian M Zmasek [Semantic Web] Connecting TOPSAN to Computational Analysis ***SLIDES***
4:55-5:10 Jianjiong Gao [OS Software] Musite: Global Prediction of General and Kinase-Specific Phosphorylation Sites ***SLIDES***
5:10-5:18 Hervé Ménager [Lightning Talk] Mobyle Bioinformatics Web Portal: project update ***SLIDES***
5:18-5:26 Stuart Owen [Lightning Talk] The Taverna 2.2 Workflow Workbench with a case study using it for Next Gen Sequencing of African cows ***SLIDES***
5:26-5:34 Jiten Bhagat [Lightning Talk] BioCatalogue - the Public Curated Registry of Life Science Web Services ***SLIDES***
5:34-5:42 Christian M Zmasek [Software Demo] Evolutionary tree visualization and analysis with Archaeopteryx ***SLIDES***
5:42-5:50 Aleksi Kallio [Lightning Talk] Connecting Chipster genome browser to the cloud ***SLIDES***
5:50-5:58 Christopher Bottoms [Lightning Talk] SNP Allele Designations (Bio::SNP::Inherit) ***SLIDES***
5:58-6:06 Tomasz Puton [Lightning Talk] BioPython modules for handling RNA sequences containing modified nucleosides ***SLIDES***
6:06-6:15 Brad Chapman [Lightning Talk] Codefest 2010 Report
6:15-6:45   Birds of a Feather
6:45   O|B|F Board Meeting and No-host Dinner; Location: Legal Seafood
Day 2 Saturday July 10: Hynes Convention Center room 207
9:00-9:15AM Kam Dahlquist [Announcements]
9:15-10:15 Ross Gardler [Keynote] Community Development at the Apache Software Foundation ***SLIDES***
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:05 Christopher Fields [Bio* Update] Towards a Modern BioPerl: BioPerl Update 2010 ***SLIDES***
11:05-11:20 Raoul J.P. Bonnal [Bio* Update] BioRuby 2010 updates: moving to agile bioinformatics ***SLIDES***
11:20-11:35 Peter Rice [Bio* Update] EMBOSS: The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite ***SLIDES***
11:35-11:50 Brad Chapman [Bio* Update] Biopython Project Update ***SLIDES***
11:50-12:05PM Tiago Antao [OS software] interPopula: Database and tool integration for population genetics using Python
12:05-12:20 Laurent Gautier [Bio* Update] Bioconductor with Python, What else ? ***SLIDES***
12:20-12:30 Eric W Talevich [Bio* Update] Bio.Phylo: A unified phylogenetics toolkit for Biopython ***SLIDES***
12:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-2:20 Simon Mercer [OS Software Framework] The Microsoft Biology Foundation
2:20-2:40 William Crawford [OS Software/Code Generation] Building Bioinformatics Web Application with Clickframes
2:40-3:00 Morris A. Swertz [OS Software/Code Generation] MOLGENIS: rapid prototyping of biosoftware at the push of a button ***SLIDES***
3:00-3:10 Alexandros Kanterakis [OS Software/Code Generation] Generating a data platform for microarray gene expression experiments using MOLGENIS and MAGE-TAB ***SLIDES***
3:10-3:25 Sebastian J. Schultheiss [Web Services] Long-term availability of bioinformatics web services ***SLIDES***
3:25-4:00 Coffee Break
4:00-4:15 Lincoln Stein [Visualization] GBrowse2 ***SLIDES***
4:15-4:35 Gary D. Bader [Visualization] Cytoscape Web: An interactive, customizable web-based network browser ***SLLIDES***
4:35-4:50 Nobuaki Kono [Visualization] Pathway Projector: Web-Based Zoomable Pathway Browser Using KEGG Atlas and Google Maps API ***SLIDES***
4:50-5:05 James A. Morris [Visualization] Evoker: a visualization tool for genotype intensity data ***SLIDES***
5:05-5:20 Pavel Tomancak [Visualization] Fiji Is Just ImageJ - an Open Source platform for biological image analysis
5:20-5:30 Iddo Friedberg [Visualization] IPRStats: visualization and analysis of InterProScan Results ***SLIDES***
5:30-6:00 Birds of a Feather