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Dave Clements

I work on the Galaxy Project for Johns Hopkins University, where I organize meetings and courses, prepare training materials, and improve Galaxy's documentation wiki, and web presence. I'm also hoping to touch the (Python!) code.

Prior to working on Galaxy I ran the GMOD Help Desk from 2007-2010, where I did similar work. I am still involved in the GMOD community as a representative of Galaxy. Since 2013 I telecommute from the Toomey Lab in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Oregon. From 2007 through 2012 I telecommuted from the Phillips Lab in the Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (CEEB), also at Oregon.

Contact Details

E-mail clements@galaxyprojet.org
URL My home page


My background is in computer science. I have been working in biology since 2000.

Prior to working on Galaxy, and for NESCent and GMOD before that, I worked as the database manager at the European Renal Genome project (EuReGene), as a member of the Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project (EMAP). This project studied kidney development and disease. My work focused on gene expression patterns, and anatomy ontologies.

Prior to EuReGene I worked for ZFIN, the zebrafish model organism database at the University of Oregon for 5 years as a database administrator and software engineer.

My pre-bioinformatics career included


See the current list at my Galaxy home page.